City Garden Guru Services

Here's what we offer To create your ideal garden


Free Initial Consultation and Site Visit

  • First, it is important that we meet with you at your garden, so that we can begin to understand your goals and objectives, can assess your individual site and can discuss your vision for your in-ground garden and /or container garden, your likes and dislikes and your individual style.
  • During this site visit, we will examine your property’s dimensions, “bones”, its growing conditions, the sun and shade patterns, any “microclimates” as well as any “borrowed landscape views” we may want to feature. In addition, we may take soil samples, to determine any amendments that your soil requires.  Finally, we will discuss budget parameters and timing. 


Container and/or In-Ground Garden Design

  • Once we agree on your goals for your garden (s), we will design a customized garden and plant palette that will fulfill your needs and desires within your budget parameters.
  • There are many ways to illustrate the plant palette, container design and /or in-ground design.
  • Typically, if containers are involved (see a sample of containers in the Gallery section) are desired, we will sketch out a design and illustrate it to you visually by taping out the dimensions and heights of the proposed containers in your garden.
  • The plant palette will be illustrated with a detailed Powerpoint that will introduce you to the recommended plants and trees via pictures and descriptions (see attached sample).


Detailed Proposal

  • Once the design is approved, a detailed sourcing and installation proposal will be submitted.


Selection, Acquisition and Delivery of Plant Materials and Supplies

  • Soil Amendments (based upon results of the earlier soil tests)
  • Soil (typically this will be an organic peat-free blend of compost, pine bark, worm castings, coir, rice hulls and bio-char manufacturer by Organic Mechanics)
  • Containers will be delivered and installed at the property.  Containers are sourced from two local manufacturers: Pottery Pots and Campania.

Plant Material Sourcing and Delivery

  • Plant Sourcing is a critically important service.  City Garden Guru believes strongly that plant material must be done in person, at the nurseries, in order to supply our clients with the healthiest and most beautiful specimens.
  • We typically source at four local wholesale nurseries: Pleasant Run, Calibraro, Clearview, and Primex.
  • Once sourced, the plants will be delivered to the client’s property and safely transported into the garden spaces.


Garden and/or Container Installation

  • Before plant installation, soil amendment will be completed if required.
  • If installing a container garden, the containers will be set in place, leveled or attached and filled with the organic soil blend.
  • Plants will then be set in place so that the client can see the intended garden design.  If approved, the plants will be properly planted in the appropriate spots.
  • Follow up visits to tweak the final garden design are included.


Garden Maintenance

  • Regular garden maintenance, and in particular proper watering, is critical for sustaining your healthy garden. City Garden Guru can do this for you on a regular schedule or can give you guidance so that you can maintain your garden yourself.
  • If you choose to hire us for maintenance, we can offer a one-year guarantee on the plants.


City Garden Guru can also provide many other services or recommend other resources upon request.