Commercial Gardens

City Garden Guru also services commercial properties, such as condominium complexes, that request beauty year-round with four season perennials, colorful summer annuals, winter evergreen interest, holiday décor, spring bulb excitement and year-round maintenance. 

We can offer all or parts of these services, as we have to a number of other Center City complexes. One of our complexes has even requested a Native Garden, which we celebrate and welcome. And, others have requested container gardens on their decks, which we are experienced with providing- both the containers and the plant design and installations.

Unlike many other competitors, we welcome the opportunity to introduce many four-season perennials into commercial gardens. This not only lowers the annual cost,but offers more long-term beauty and interest. And, we love to introduce unusual and long-flowering annuals. There are options to Mums!

City Garden Guru can provide you with the initial design or carry it through to installation, update and long-term maintenance.  

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