Creating City Garden Utopias

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City Garden Guru creates innovative, individualized urban garden designs that will transform your rooftop, backyard terrace or courtyard into a beautiful, inspiring space that fits your lifestyle and your budget.

Container Gardens

Containers offer limitless garden opportunities to homes/apartments with decks, patios, courtyards or backyards. They can easily be customized for any exterior space (large to very small) and offer our clients an extraordinary palette of container colors, designs and shapes.

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Edible Gardens

Edible gardens can offer not only great productivity, but also great beauty via their showy foliage and flowers, as well as wonderful fragrance and significant value to the ecosystem.

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Ornamental Gardens

Ornamental garden designs typically feature plants, bulbs, shrubs, grasses and trees grown for their display of ornamental features including: flowers, leaves, scent, overall foliage texture, fruit, stem and bark, and aesthetic form, as opposed to edible crops grown primarily for food production. 

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Native Gardens

If you want a beautiful, four season, low-maintenance garden, that allows you to save water, reduce air pollution and provide habitat for birds and butterflies, then you need to consider introducing Natives into your garden.

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When I moved here from South Florida and couldn’t tell the difference between a black walnut and a sugar maple, Chris Carrington, who at the time was the Executive Director of Awbury Arboretum Landscapes, came to my rescue. My new property was a weed patch on the top of a ridge with a view of the Wissahickon in the background.
I knew that a native garden would pull that vista into my daily sight, but I didn’t know how to design it. Chris listened as I described what I thought I wanted, and then she got busy. What resulted was a spectacular four-season garden that is bursting with color throughout the year. . .
My property has been beautifully transformed, and I could not be happier with the results.
— Elizabeth B.