Container Gardens


Our services include container selection, garden design, planting and maintenance.

Containers offer limitless garden opportunities to homes  / apartments with decks, patios, courtyards or backyards.

They can easily be customized for any exterior space (large to very small) and offer our clients an extraordinary palette of container colors, designs and shapes.  These gardens can be customized for the exact microclimate (shade, sun, wind, walls etc.) and for the preferred plant types. 

These container gardens can be planted to offer you four seasons of garden interest featuring color, fragrance, beauty, flowers, movement, stem and bark beauty as well as fascinatingfoliage texture.   They can be planted with trees, shrubs, edibles (such as blueberries, herbs and tomatoes), perennial and annual flowers and with native plants.

City Garden Guru loves container gardening and can make it very easy and quick for you.  We offer a free initial site visit when we can analyze the site and learn about the needs and wishes of the home owner.  We can then recommend and source any types of containers and then have the containers delivered.  Finally, we will then design, install and maintain your gardens in these containers.

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