In order to create your ideal garden, City Garden Guru offers the following services:

  • Free Initial Consultation and Site Visit
  • Garden Design
  • Selection, Acquisition and Delivery of Plant Materials and Supplies.
  • Site Preparation
  • Garden Installation
  • Garden Maintenance

City Garden Guru can also provide many other additional services upon request.

Types of Gardens

Garden types are almost unlimited in terms of size, microclimates, sites, plant materials and the objectives and desires of the gardener. In addition to native, ornamental and edible gardens, there are many other options for the city dweller to consider whether or not you have a small or large space or have grand or simple objectives. City Garden Guru will work with you to plan the garden that addresses your needs, desires and your site.  Some of the options for urban gardeners include container, roof decks, woodland, shade, wildflower, tropical, rain, cutting, four season, succulent, and herb gardens. Your garden is only limited by your imagination. So, consider inviting City Garden Guru to work with you to create an innovative, individualized urban garden design that will transform your rooftop, backyard terrace or courtyard into a beautiful, inspiring space that fits your lifestyle and your budget.